Auto Binary Signals - My Honest Opinion

If you have been dabbling in the binary market before, you know how difficult it is to make a profit, especially when you're tackling it on your own. To make things worse, keeping track of every changes in the market can be very tiring and time-consuming. Why not just hire a binary broker and let him/her make all the investment decision, wouldn't that save time? If things were that simple, most people would have been rich...

Why not just get a software that is smart enough to make all the investment decisions for you? Well, can you trust a software completely to handle your money? When I first heard about Auto Binary Signals, I was really skeptical so I decided to ignore it and try tackling the market on my own. I have tried all kinds of strategies, Fibonacci indicator, candlesticks analysis, Elliott wave, you name it... Sadly, nothing worked for me.

Just when I was about the give up on binary trading, I received a promotion email about the software. To make a long story short, I tried it and found that the signals I get from the software are actually a lot more accurate than all the "human" signals I have been getting from the so-called experts. I have no idea how the creator of the program, Roger Pierce, did it but the result I get was real.

Regardless of the accuracy of the software, which is usually about 75-85 right on average, I'm still very cautious with my money as I'm not a high-risk trader like others...

What I Like About Auto Binary Signals:

The main feature I like about the software is its user-friendly visual interface. Unlike other programs out there, the software looks clean and all main features are easily accessible. Even though I call it a software, it's actually a web-based software and I don't need to install any software on my computer. I just go the site and log in with my username and password and once I'm verified, the program is ready for use.

The MPMIS - Multi-Indicator System is really awesome. If you have tried Forex trading before, you know that trusting or relying on a single indicator for all your investment decision is fatal if not foolish. If you use two or more indicators, you can sometimes get very different signals. So which one should you trust? Hard decision to make right? Auto Binary Signals takes its 5 built-in indicators as well as other parameters into consideration before giving you a decision. Making quick and right decision in the binary market is a critical skill and I find that the software is right 80 percent of the time... Take a look at the images below for a better idea of how it works.

It is compatible with ALL binary option trading platforms. When I first started in binary trading, I used to deal with only a one binary broker. Now I know better and I have been working with several brokers. Whenever I get the "green" signal from the software, I just go to my broker's site and place the trade.

The software also comes with a 60-Day Money back Guarantee. So in case you notice that the software gives too many wrong signals, you can without much questions asked, ask for refund.



Success in the binary trading market is not as easy as the creator of the software would like you think. You need to go through all the training videos and understand the true meaning of each signals you get from the software. In other words, you need to spend some time mastering the software first.

Although the software is capable of giving your accurate signals 80-90% of the time, trading is still risky and you shouldn't invest all your savings just because you get the "green" signal. Always use due diligence before placing a trade!

The Verdict: 4.6/5

In conclusion, if you hate the idea of spending countless hours staring the monitor just to find trades that are profitable, ABS is a quick way to free you from that slavery. With the signals provided by the software, securing weekly profits in binary trading is very possible. The software is pretty straight forward so learning curve should be minimal.

So if you want to get your fair share of profit in binary trading and you want to do it with minimal fuss, try using the signals from the software first. If it doesn't help you, you can always take advantage of the 60 days money back guarantee. Overall, I'm quite please with the software because of the signals I get are quick and accurate enough for me.